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direct We will set appointments for you and will call your prospects 24 hours before their scheduled appointments to remind them. This program allows you to spend more of your valuable time meeting with your clients.
direct Build your financial services practice with a thoroughly prepared plan, one step at a time. This tool provides you with the blueprint and the specialized tools you need to take your practice to the next level. It gives you control of your income by generating as many leads as you want.
direct These Leads are guaranteed to be a business owner, president, top executive, or the spouse of one. Each prospect is expecting your call. Many extra steps are taken to ensure that quality leads can be turned into sales.
training and resource center Our Training & Resource Center is a 24-hour lifeline for our agents. With just a few clicks our agents have access to sales and prospecting tools; training presentations; pre-approach letters; up-to-date carrier, product, and concept information; how-to guides, and much more!

InsuranStar Marketing is leading the industry in delivering ground-breaking agent service, trainings, and marketing programs. We are determined to be the premier national life and annuity brokerage firm in the U.S. We know that an agent like you should not have to waste time or money on systems that do not produce results. That is why we developed our own elite system with a host of the industry's best programs for our agents to choose from at NO COST. We support your independence and understand the challenges you face. InsuranStar Marketing is dedicated to earning your business, one case at a time.